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#968828 by come&gone
Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:59 pm
Just became the owner of my 1st 6-speed. Although 6th gear will be nice at times, I don't much like the noise or the way it bangs in to 1st gear. Neutral is a little tougher to find as well, but I got the hang of it. Had a local bike shop owner (not HD) tell me to get rid of the 20-50 stuff and go to a synthetic 75w-110 or even a 75w-140. Anybody here do that?
#969021 by Hoop
Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:03 pm
I'm a newcomer to the 6 speed tranny myself. Picked up a very low mileage 08 Ultra to replace my 95 Tour Glide. On 55 mph highways, 6th gear nearly useless, as it seems to have a sweet spot above 65 mph. I just had my pre-Sturgis maintenance performed at my independent bike shop. 75W-140 now in the tranny. Still clunks pretty good dropping it into first. Seems much easier to find neutral.
For the record. The Evo engine is far smoother & less noisy than the twin cam. Twin cam has more horsepower & pep than the Evo, but will never be a Kawasaki.

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