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#970812 by dberr1
Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:03 pm

I'm looking for a group of riders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that wants to go to Sturgis in 2018. Firstimers are welcome. I have been about a dozen times and I know all the ropes and how to maximize the time spent in the Sturgis area. There is a lot to see, more than just going to downtown Sturgis and getting the T-shirt. There are some spectacular rides up there and things to see like Mount Rushmore. I have camped, stayed in cabins and rented motels. I'm not too fond of camping but it is the cheapest way to stay. I kind of have this motel picked out that is centrally located and is reasonable. It's not fancy but it got good reviews. However, I'm open to suggestions for accommodations. If we make any kind of cabin or motel reservations they must be done by this November-December. Those places go fast. I'm a very laid back easy going person. I'm no pup but I can hold my own. I ride solo but couples are very welcome to go. You need a very road worthy bike that can get on down the highway with no problems. I have a Harley Road King and it works great for this kind of trip. It takes 3 days to ride up there, spend about 3 to 4 days there and then 3 days back. There are some cool things to do on the way up there. It is a fun trip/adventure that you must do at least once and possibly again. If you are interested just respond to this post and we can meetup somewhere to get aquainted and discuss the trip further. I'm in the Fort Worth area.


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