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#971511 by randee
Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:04 pm
Sounds like he's going for the gold...

An Alaska man is suing Roland Sands, the Buffalo Chip and Indian Motorcycles after he claims he was struck by a motorcycle that was inadvertently driven off a Buffalo Chip stage before a Kid Rock concert in 2016.

An Alaska man is suing a famed motorcycle builder and racer, the Buffalo Chip Campground and Indian Motorcycles after he claims a motorcycle flew off a Buffalo Chip stage and struck him during the 2016 rally.

Royce Rath of Sitka, Alaska, was at the Buffalo Chip on Aug. 7, 2016, waiting for the Kid Rock concert to start when Roland Sands drove a new Indian FTR750 motorcycle across the stage and into the crowd as part of a motorcycle unveiling event, according to the lawsuit.

The suit names Roland Sands, Indian Motorcycle Co. and Buffalo Chip Campground as defendants.

The motorcycle had no front brakes and landed directly on Rath, court documents say, causing damages "that exceed $75,000."

Rath suffered "sever physical and mental anguish" and "permanent disability." The suit also claims Rath lost wages and "enjoyment of life" from the incident.

The day after it happened, Buffalo Chip spokeswoman Nyla Griffith described the incident as a motorcycle "malfunction" and said four people had suffered minor injuries.

A video of the incident shows Sands entering the stage and riding slowly across it, never varying his speed until the bike spills into the area below the stage. "He's super experienced and well-known as an experienced bike builder and racer," Griffith said at the time. "It was just a horrible accident."

Rath is suing Sands, Indian Motorcycles and the Buffalo Chip for negligence.

Buffalo Chip "should have known that allowing an individual to ride on a motorcycle, without front brakes, across the stage surrounded by patrons could endanger those patrons," the documents say.

It also says that Sands breached a duty not to injure patrons at the Buffalo Chip when he "negligently rode his motorcycle on stage, lost control, and flew into the patrons viewing from the spectating area."

The Journal attempted to contact Sands, but he did not return a phone message. A spokesperson for Indian Motorcycles declined to comment, while Buffalo Chip president Rod Woodruff said he had no comment on the pending litigation.

Rath has asked for a jury trial.
#971513 by EM2
Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:35 pm
Has no grounds against Indian if the bike had any modifications done by a third party. Hard to say about Sands if he wasn't reckless in his actions that would cause the bike to go off the stage. The Chip, possibly so if that it could be shown that they were negligent in not making the stage 'safer" knowing a bike "could" fall off without proper railing...blah, blah blah.

More than likely settled with The Chip carrying most of it.

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