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Being a vendor at the Sturgis Rally is not for the faint of heart. Many times, vendors will expect to come to Sturgis and sell out. This is almost NEVER the case. The competition is strong, and bikers are a discerning community. Booth "spots" run anywhere from $500 to $5000+ for the week and that doesn't even count the other required licences and fees. We suggest that if you have not attended the Sturgis Rally in the past, that you come this year and plan to be a vendor the following year.

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The City of Sturgis is now providing FREE Vendors manuals!

Vendor Applications and Manuals (For additional info contact: City Rally Department @ 605-720-0800)

Jobs: http://DOL.SD.GOV
There are normally jobs to be found during the Rally. Many of those hiring use SD Job Service.
Some places simply rely upon folks showing up and asking...